Got milk? Albay Gov. Al Francis Bichara lauds the province’s milk production project


Albay Gov. Al Francis Bichara was happy to see the children in his province enjoy a glass of milk which was produced right in the province’s own dairy farm.

In a Facebook post, Bichara said the Albay Veterinary Office managed the dairy farm to produce nutritious and fresh cow’s milk, and it looks like it was a success.

He congratulated the AVO and the other offices and local governments that helped in the endeavor and made the feeding program a success.

He hopes that by providing the Albayano children with milk, they will become healthier.

Who’s got milk? Albay has it!

“These children along with the others get to enjoy our very own, proudly produced from the Albay Dairy Farm (Albay Veterinary Office) delicious and nutritious fresh cow’s milk!

Kudos to AVO, PSWDO and to the LGUs of Rapu Rapu, Camalig, Manito and Legazpi City for the coordination and support in making this feeding program a success. May this simple initiative aid in the well-being of our albayano children,” Bichara posted.