Landmark Sorsogon Sports Complex to rise in 2022

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The Province of Sorsogon will have its own world-class and landmark sports complex by 2022.

“A new landmark treasure will soon arise with the completion of the Roman-style coliseum Sorsogon Sports Complex in 2022 putting Sorsogon as one of the country’s premiere venue for sporting events,” the Sorsogon provincial government said

The Capitol said that the Balogo Sports Complex, the old structure on the said site, was demolished and transformed into a modern coliseum with a 15,000 seating capacity.

“Renamed as Sorsogon Sports Complex, the complex meets international standards as a venue for any national-level sporting events. This modern coliseum type sports complex will have a track oval built with world renowned track and field all-weather surface Mondotrack while the ball courts will be layered with asphalt tarmacadam or polymeric rubber crumbs,” added the Capitol.

The new sports complex will also have dormitories for male and female athletes aside from rooms that will serve as medical facilities and for events officials as well as members of the press.

The project which Governor Chiz Escudero also envisions as a training center for national athletes will be a far cry from when the province hosted the Palarong Bicol in 1994 where athletes and delegates were housed in classrooms, the track oval hastily layered, ball courts unevenly spruced and an unfinished grandstand.

“Along with this development, Governor Chiz improved on the road network of the province to have an easy flow of traffic when visitors start to arrive when the Palarong Pambansa starts,” said the Capitol.

“Indeed, this new landmark which would put Sorsogon again in the map, this time as the new sporting events venue of the country, would also benefit not only the athletes of today but also of the next generation,” it added.