VP Leni Robredo checks up on her daughters before ending her day

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Vice President Leni Robredo is a busy official, but she completes her mommy duties first before calling it a day.

In a Facebook post, Robredo said she likes to check up on her daughters before ending her day.

She feels fortunate that they still live at home, except when they have to be away to travel, for work or for school, as in the case of Jillian who is studying abroad.

But there are times when she is home alone at night, so she calls them to check up on them.

During one of these nights, Aika is in quarantine, Tricia is on hospital duty, and Jillian just woke up.

She expressed appreciation for technology for allowing them to see each other even if they’re not together.

She likes to stay connected!

“Are you one of those mothers who’d do a roll call of your children before calling it a night?

I guess I am lucky that even if my daughters are all adults already, no one has flown out of the nest yet (except temporarily for school, work, or travel). But there are nights like tonight when am home alone and fall into the pattern of doing the roll call.

Aika is on quarantine and ready to go to bed. Tricia is on 24-hour hospital duty. Jillian, who is on the other side of the globe, just woke up. Thanks to technology. I still get to see them virtually even when we’re apart,” Robredo posted.