Forever thankful to the Lord: Masbate BM Arevalo celebrates 47th birthday

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Masbate Senior Provincial Board Member Jason Arevalo has marked his 47th birthday celebration by thanking God for the gift of life.

“I thank You, o Heavenly Father, for the gift of life, of the grace to be of service to others. Sans the fanfare, the self-serving publicities, the veiled intent to self-promotion and perpetuation,” said Arevalo.

“Thank You for the idealism and courage to stand for the right and to seek justice at each turn,” he added.

“Thank You for this blessed opportunity to know how it was to be poor. That defined my calling. To fight for my kind, for the least of us, for the many who are deprived of the opportunity to live a decent life,” he continued.

Arevalo also expressed his gratitude to the failures as those made him “more human” and “stronger against the agitations of experience”

“Thank you for the gift of simplicity. This quiet dignity and contentment that make me see nothingness as charity and having just a little as being enough.” he said.

He also acknowledged the gift of family, relatives and friends.

“Thank You for Your mercy and forgiveness. I am able to forgive others who have hurt me and seek forgiveness from those I have hurt. To still be kind and giving to those who cannot forgive and who continue to hurt me; not because it is the best, but because it is the right thing to do,” he said.

“Thank You for your faithfulness. I have been hammered, pounded and clobbered from within my own and out. Yet, by Your grace, I am able to stand my ground and stand for Your people,” he added.