Masbate BM Arevalo echoes Justice Carpio: West PH Sea not in China’s possession

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Masbate Senior Provincial Board Member Jason Arevalo echoed the statements of former SC Justice Antonio Carpio in saying that the West Philippine Sea is not in the possession of China.

“A shoutout too hard to ignore for those who truly love this country and adhere to the plain and unmistakable language of the Constitution,” he said.

“Justice Antonio Carpio, a lawyer par excellance, respected jurist and public international law expert (bright na bright talaga!) is right in saying the WPS is not in the possession of Communist China,” he added.

Arevalo, a lawyer and a product of the UP College of Law, said that China’s belated physical possession of parts of the WPS or “advertence to some obscure, unsubstantiated historical rights does not equate to or peremptorily vest de jure possession or title to it under recognized international regimes, more particularly the UNCLOS, and under customary international law.”

He also maintained that the arbitral award in the South China Sea Arbitration between the Philippines and China does not just affirm the country’s superior right, but “it seals it”

“Justice Carpio’s shoutout should not only reverberate in the hallowed halls of Malacanang Palace but also in the hollow heads of enablers and followers of the Palace’s main occupant,” he said.