Albay VG Lagman leads barangay enhancement seminar in Manito


The Office of Vice Governor Edcel Grex Lagman brought its Barangay Enhancement Seminar (BES) in Manito yesterday.

“This is our first of many scheduled to be undertaken in the LGUs of Albay’s 2nd district. Mabalos po sa gabos na kapitanes asin mga kagawads na nag-atendir,” said the Vice Governor.

Lagman also thanked all the officials who attended the said seminar.

“Thanks to Kons. Sheina Onrubia for her talk on Ethical Standards of Barangay Officials as well as touching on important and relevant aspects of the Katarungang Pambarangay (re: Exempted Cases and Mediation),” said Lagman.

“The PBs were also happy about being informed re: instances when they can issue Barangay Protection Orders (BPOs) in VAWC cases,” he added.

Libon Vice Mayor Atty. Markgregor Edward Sayson also served as the second speaker who comprehensively lectured on Local Legislation.

“For the additional cupcakes and juice, thanks too to BM Melissa Arias Abadeza! Saro ka na palan na “ninang” sa mga nagpaTatak VG kasuodma! Hehe,” he said.