DDS no more! Masbate BM Arevalo happy that his friend finally saw the light


Masbate Board Member Jason Arevalo feels good that one of his good friends who was once a “certified DDS” has now finally seen the light.

“This good friend of mine from way back when I was still a corporate lawyer at NPC is a certified DDS,” Arevalo said.

“Like many of his kind, he sees criticisms against the Man Upstairs as raging Minotaurs to be stabbed at sight. But his blind loyalty was before. Now, he and some of his OFW friends sing a different tune,” he added.

Arevalo explained that he shared the story because he felt great about the sudden change of heart of his friend.

“I was just heartened and enlivened you finally saw the light. Not that I’m saying you’re gravitating towards the Yellow, the Left or any group frustrated with how this nation is being run,” said Arevalo.

“I am morally certain your awakening is not spawned by the scathing scrutiny of many or the monolithic prodding of a few but because you see governance is not good and things are heading for worse. I’m just happy to know of your change of heart irrespective of whom you will throw your support to in the next,” he added.

Arevalo noted that one mind opened is one chain unlocked. “A tiny ripple now, a huge swell in the next,” he said.