Sorsogon Vice Gov. Wowo Fortes shows off his wife’s Mayor Cynthia’s cooking skills


If you want to enjoy a good pasta dish, Barcelona, Sorsogon Mayor Cynthia Fortes has a good recipe.

Sorsogon Vice Gov. Wowo Fortes showed off his wife Mayor Cynthia’s cooking skills in a video he shared on Facebook.

The Vice Governor served as assistant as the mayor whipped up a quick and easy shrimp pasta recipe.

Mayor Cynthia also shared tips on how long to cook the pasta and the substitutes in case shrimp is not available.

The Vice Governor said he knows how to cook, but his wife is just much better at it.

In the end, he served as taste tester for her recipe.

His verdict? Of course he loved it!

“Kana, Karaon Kita! Quick and easy shrimp pasta recipe from my wife.

This was filmed two weeks ago. Stay dry and safe! For emergencies, call 9-1-1. #WOWOrkSorsogon #BisingPh,” the Vice Governor posted.