BM Arevalo: Rise of community pantries a political statement vs incompetence


Masbate Senior Provincial Board Member Jason Arevalo said that the mushrooming of community pantries across the country is a political statement against incompetence.

“The mushrooming of community pantries amidst this raging pandemic does not forebode well for abusive, repressive, exploitative leaderships,” Arevalo said.

“Self-help to communal help is a conscious departure from overdependence as an instrument of domination and control,” he added.

For the local politiko, this movement shows the impatience of the public over the inadequacies of the government to provide for its people.

“The phenomenon mirrors a people’s mounting impatience and frustration over the government’s inability to provide, over the latter’s incompetence and ineptitude to provide short- and long-term solutions to the pandemic woes besieging the public,” said Arevalo.

“Without a doubt, the rise of these community pantries creates a dent on the impervious walls of domination by an artificially populist leadership. Barring other factors, the government’s botched pandemic response will send Jericho’s Wall crumbling come reckoning day,” he added.

Arevalo believes that the community pantries go beyond philanthropy. “These are political statements addressed to their leaders in exclamation points. And all these mean this: Incompetence kills.”