Sorsogon City Mayor Ester Hamor counts her blessings as she celebrates her bday


Sorsogon City Mayor Ester Hamor has so many reasons to be grateful as she celebrated another birthday.

In a Facebook post, Hamor counted her blessings as she thanked the Lord for the gift of life.

She said she was beyond blessed to have her loving and supportive family who also continues to inspire her.

She is also surrounded by friends who see her through her ups and downs.

Her position as mayor also allows her to serve the people and to give back.

She is one lucky and grateful birthday girl!

“As I celebrate my birthday, I thank God for His wonderful gift of life. I am beyond blessed to have my family, whose love and support continue to inspire me. I am lucky to be surrounded by friends who have seen me through my ups and downs. I am happy to be in a position to serve and to give back. Thank you everyone, for being part of my life! PADABA ko kayong lahat. Let us all continue to pray for better times,” Hamor posted.