Donsol Mayor Jo Alcantara Cruz shows off her happy feet


Donsol Mayor Jo Alcantara Cruz has happy feet.

This is because Cruz is wearing comfortable and classy locally-made footwear.

The mayor showed off her kicks in a Facebook post and said it was proudly made in Donsol.

It was a product of Rabas Footwear, she shared.

She invited her friends and followers to get their own pair of classy and comfy shoes.

The mayor walks proudly in these local products!

“Just showing off my comfy classy-look footwear made by a local Donsolaño(Manay Beverly) of @RABAS Footwear …. Get one now GURLS😍 … (thanks to my “sponsors”, d Lorilla Sisters, Manay Elsie/Erie)!


#SupportLocalLoveLocal,” Cruz posted.