Sana all! Palawan Board Member Ryan Maminta admires Palau’s fearlessness in the face of China


The small nation of Palau has earned Palawan Board Member Ryan Maminta’s admiration.

Maminta could not help but commend Palau President Surangel Whipps for resisting China’s attempt to make his country stop recognizing Taiwan.

In a Facebook post, Maminta shared a link to an article where the Palau President explained his China mistrust and said he did not like the tone that China took when it told him not to be friends with Taiwan.

Maminta described Palau was intrepid and could only hope that the Philippines would be the same.

In millennial speak, “sana all.”

“Intrepid Palau! In our millenial era we say and hope that: “sana all”.





,” Maminta posted.