Masbate’s Jason Arevalo calls out Roque for his remarks on new COVID-19 variants


Masbate Senior Provincial Board Member Jason Arevalo called out the Palace’s pronouncement blaming the spike of COVID-19 cases to new variants, noting that it is not backed by science.

Arevalo shared a news article saying that COVID-19 variants of concern only constitute 9.9% from samples sequenced as reported by the Philippine Genome Center

“If this is so, then the surge in Covid cases in Manila and peripheral provinces is not largely attributable to new variants believed to be more infectious,” said Arevalo.

“Guess the Palace’s pronouncement as to the cause of the spikes in Covid cases is not data-based. Armchair analysis at work again, perhaps. The finding contradicts Harry’s statements as to what triggered the exponential increase in the number of infected Filipinos,” he added.

Palace Spokesperson Harry Roque earlier said that everywhere in the world is experiencing the effects of these new variants, but the Philippines is coping.

But Arevalo called out the statements made by Roque noting that it seems to be not supported by science.

“That barring, the emergence of these new variants still is a serious cause for concern. And so are executive pronouncements on the pandemic that are not backed up by science and figures,” said Arevalo.

“By the way, was Roque’s statement on the cause of the surge another reckless pronouncement or another calculated act to put the government out of the blame game?” he asked.