Sorsogon uses up all delivered COVID 19 vaccines, says Gov. Escudero


There is no slacking in Sorsogon when it comes to the use of COVID 19 vaccines.

Sorsogon Gov. Chiz Escudero said in a Facebook post that the province has consumed all 1,270 doses of AstraZeneca and all 1,380 Sinovac vaccines it had received.

The province is now waiting for the next batch of vaccines, which is expected to arrive soon.

Protecting the people of Sorsogon against the coronavirus is an urgent matter!


We have consumed all AstraZeneca (1,270) and Sinovac (1,380) vaccines or a total of 2,650 doses.

Awaiting next batch from DOH-Region V which, per their advice, should arrive this week or first week of April.

Keep safe everyone!” Escudero posted.