Contractor bares alleged irregularities in market mall project bidding in Brooke’s Point


A contractor lodged a complaint regarding the alleged irregularities in the bidding process on the design and build of a new market mall with roof deck in Brooke’s Point, Palawan.

MRRM Trading and & Construction, through its counsels, formally filed a complaint addressed to the Municipality of Brooke’s Point and its Bids and Awards Committee.

According to the complaint letter dated March 2, the date of the opening of the bidding of the said project was slated on February 1 and was eventually moved to February 10. It was further extended to March 10. However, Mayor Jean Feliciano has issued a notice of cancellation on February 17 due to the “non-posting of Supplemental Bid Bulletins in the PhilGEPS website.”

“Based on the series of letters submitted to your Honorable Office by MRRM, through its internal counsel Atty. Michael Umali, and of the reply letters thereto by the Honorable Mayor Feliciano, there are several irregularities found during the entire bidding process that certainly cannot go unnoticed,” the letter read.

According to MRRM, their earlier letters were all addressed to the BAC but the responses were sent from the office of Mayor Feliciano. “It must be noted that the local chief executive and other elective officials are disqualified from membership from the BAC and certainly cannot be a representative or member thereof,” read the complaint.

The firm also flagged the short period of two weeks to submit engineering designs and other pertinent documents.

“Only a favoured contractor which has prior knowledge of the bidding documents could have possibly submitted its bid on the original date. But, apparently, the subject bidding was extended and cancelled for suspicious reasons.”

It also scored the sudden change of the venue of the bidding from Brooke’s Point to Puerto Princesa as well as the absence of observers and representatives from the Commission on Audit as mandated by law.

The counsel also claimed that representatives of MRRM tried to purchase bidding documents on January 15 and 18 but was told that there was no go-signal yet from the “higher ups” and was only allowed on January 19.

“The forgoing irregularities found, among others, during the bidding process should not simply be ignored just because the scheduled bidding by the mere expediency of having it cancelled and aborted,” the letter stated.

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