Food tastes better in eco-friendly packaging, says Odiongan Mayor Trina Fabic


Odiongan Mayor Trina Fabic enjoys her food more when she knows that its packaging is not a burden to the earth.

In a Facebook post, Fabic expressed gratitude that the burger she was served during the presentation of the Municipal Agricultural Mechanization Plan was not wrapped in plastic.

She said the burger seemed to taste better as she knows it was wrapped in eco-friendly packaging.

Helping save the earth could lead to a happy tummy!

“Thank you Lyns sa hindi pag gamit ng plastic na balot sa burger na merienda namin sa Presentation ng Municipal Agricultural Mechanization Plan 😊🍔 parang lalong sumarap ang burger pag alam mong eco-friendly ang packaging 😁🌎

#vibrantodiongan #gogreenodiongan,” Fabic posted.