Mayor Noel Rosal can’t wait for the new Legazpi City Expo Center


Legazpi City is one of the top convention destinations in Luzon, and Mayor Noel Rosal wants to make sure it will keep this distinction.

In a Facebook post, Rosal shared that he recently checked on the ongoing construction of the Legazpi City Expo Center, which is part of the expanison of the city’s convention center.

Rosal said the new expo center will have a seating capacity of 3,000.

It is is very important to Legazpi, which is in the top 5 of the convention destinations in Luzon, he said.

He thanked the city council for providing funding support for the project, which meant that it did not have to take out a loan for this.

Legazpi City’s going to remain a major player in the convention circuit!

“Inspection of the soon to rise… Legazpi city Expo center (with 3 level parking area building)….the Expansion of the legazpi city convention center..

.. Additional 3,000 seat capacity…..this is very important in our position.. As the top 5 convention destination in luzon…..thanks to the sangguniang council of legazpi for the funding support (no loan)… keep safe everyone,” Rosal posted.