Albay Vice Gov. Grex Lagman flexes his first born


Albay Vice Gov. Grex Lagman is proud of his first born, Josh.

in a Facebook post, Lagman joined the #lapag_nyo_panganay_challenge and talked about his first child.

Josh is a sports and fitness buff, and the Vice Governor believes this was due to the fact that he had bought his son with him to his basketball games and asked him to help with his training.

Now, Josh is the one training his siblings and making sure they are fit.

The proud dad is glad that his son has good health habits and makes sure others do, too.

This is important since many kids are prone to obesity, he added.

He has a healthy and strong panganay!


This is my eldest, Josh.

Perhaps the fact that i would always bring him to my basketball games and ask him to help me with some of my training when he was barely out of pre-school influenced him to be a sports and health buff in his own right. 💪

Now he trains his younger siblings and makes sure that they’re relatively fit. These good health habits that he helps instill are important. Especially when many kids nowadays are prone to obesity. 🙏,” Lagman posted.