May galang! BM Arevalo hails Baguio Mayor Magalong for his delicadeza


Masbate Senior Provincial Board Member Jason Arevalo has lauded the resignation of Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong as the country’s contact-tracing czar after the latter drew flak for attending a birthday party.

Arevalo described Magalong as the “most honorable public servant and most respectable gentleman” and a “moral leader and true soldier and protector of the people.”

“This former general turned mayor of the City of Pines is worthy of emulation. For him, there is no gray area for a lapse of judgment, especially if he is the Tracing Czar of the pandemic response team of the government,” Arevalo said.

“He treated himself like any ordinary citizen failing to observe safety protocols. He couldn’t be hard on erring individuals but be lenient towards himself,” he added.

Celebrity and socialite Tim Yap held a birthday party in Baguio recently and a photo of Magalong attending the said celebration circulated online.After drawing flak, he resigned as the tracing czar.

“When the swell of the tides of public opinion welled against him, this former military man did the most honorable thing to do. He resigned. And when the Palace rejected his resignation, honor and delicadeza goaded him to publicly pronounce his leaving his office as tracing czar to be ‘irrevocable’,”said Arevalo.

“If only this nation will have more leaders of his moral timbre, then justice will be a privilege for all, regardless of social status and political suasion. There won’t be any scenario of ordinary people going to jail or castigated publicly for violating IATF rules and an administration senator, some top military personnel, a spokesperson and a sexy starlet turned bureaucrat being treated leniently and differently over errors in discretion,” he added.

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