Do better next time! Masbate Board Member Jason Arevalo gets response from J&T express after complaint


Masbate Board Member Jason Arevalo hopes that his previous bad experience with courier J&T express would be the last for him and for its other customers.

After writing about its delayed delivery, Arevalo got a visit from the courier company’s officials who promised to improve their service.

In a Facebook post, Arevalo shared that the regional manager and operations head of the company in Bicol came to meet with him personally.

Though he was not completely comfortable with them going to his home at night and does not want to rein in his moral independence, he said he hopes J&T would be as equally responsive to other complainants.

He also told the officials that compensation for what he lost and for his inconvenience was just secondary to him.

What was more important to him is that J&T provide better service to Masbatenos who rely heavily on courier services amid the pandemic and travel limitations.

He said the company vowed to act quickly to unload its stockpile in its warehouse, put up more distribution hubs across the province, and investigate and resolve labor standards issues.

He said its warehouse is now almost emptied and the backlog has dwindled.

He has also received positive feedback that the waiting time for parcels has been reduced.

Arevalo hopes these won’t just be temporary improvements and would be here to stay.

If they won’t, he’ll be ready to use his online pen once more until the giants listen to the people!

“To J&T Express: Sana Tuloy-Tuloy Na

There is sublime value in criticism and righteous indignation. We are able to air our grievances and provide mirrors to service providers to reflect on their failings and improve on their services. The end is not always to destroy but to give dignity to consumer rights and to prod businesses to shape up.

That said, it pleases me that the regional manager and the operations head of J&T Express for Bicol promptly came over to personally meet me just a couple of days after I had posted my complaint online. Although I must admit I wasn’t comfortable with them coming to our house nearly ten at night, nay pleased with them tapping powers-that-be in the Capitol to rein my moral independence and literary license. I’m no political pawn and act on what my conscience tells me. These barring, it is my hope though that they’d do the same quick response to all similarly circumstanced and aggrieved. To do justice to all and not just favor me because I am a lawyer or the senior board member of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan.

In the said meeting, I told them compensation for what I had lost and for the inconvenience and encumbrance of following up for days without any clear response was only secondary. What’s more compelling is how they can serve better my fellow Masbatenos who rely heavily on courier services owing to Masbate’s geographic location and the limitations on travel brought about by this pandemic.

Albeit they agreed to repay me for the item destroyed and the inconveniences me and my staff endured waiting and following up on them for weeks, the best compensation still is for them to improve on their delivery of services.

In our talk, they had committed to speedily unload the stockpile in their warehouse, establish more distribution hubs across the province, and investigate and resolve labor standards issues which were raised to me by some of my constituents working for them.

Their warehouse is now almost emptied. Their backlog on deliveries had gone down. Additional distribution hubs have been put up. In addition, I have received positive comments from some people about the shortening of waiting time in the delivery of their parcels.

I and my fellow Masbatenos welcome these positive developments. We hope though this won’t turn out to be yet another case of ningas-cogon.

I have not yet been paid as J&T has committed to do so. But I’m already enlivened there appear to be some improvements on their system and services. Now whether or not all these improvements will be sustained in the days ahead remain to be seen.

One thing is sure though. My online pen will not retire yet on the issue until these giants listen, until they hear us.

Salamat po pero patuloy kaming magmamanman…” Arevalo posted.