Price reveal na! Sorsogon Gov. Chiz Escudero says WHO should disclose vaccine prices


Amid the confidentiality over the prices of COVID 19 vaccines, Sorsogon Gov. Chiz Escudero said he hopes the World Health Organization would speak up about this.

In a Facebook post, Escudero urged the WHO to make known the true cost of the jabs.

He cited a report on the Bangkok post that listed the prices of Sinovac, $10 or P480.56; AstraZeneca, $8 or P384.41; and Pfizer, $40 or P1,922.00.

There has been confusion and speculation over the vaccine prices given to other countries.

Maybe those in authority should set the record straight once and for all!

“The World Health Organization should publish and make known the true cost of the vaccines.

See January 16, 2021 issue of Bangkok Post on the prices of vaccines (at 2 doses):

💉 Sinovac: $10 or P480.56

💉 AstraZeneca: $8 or P384.41
💉 Pfizer: $40 or P1,922.00,” Escudero posted.