BM Arevalo on Gov. Kho’s birthday: May all your programs for Masbate come into fruition


On the birthday of Masbate Gov. Antonio Kho, Senior Provincial Board Member Jason Arevalo only hopes that the programs of the chief executive for the province will come into fruition.

Arevalo also hailed Kho’s stewardship of Masbate towards progress.

“On your big day, it is my hope and prayer that all the projects and programs you envision for Masbate will see the light of day even before I bid politics goodbye. During your term. Under your stewardship. A legacy of inclusive growth and progress for all I pray you will leave to our people and province,” said Arevalo.

Arevalo, who is serving his last and final term as board member, said that it is always an honor to work and collaborate with Governor Kho.

“I may not be like the others who say yes all the time. I differ. I criticize. I correct. But know well that I can serve you better and this province we love by not being a typical yes man like the others,” said Arevalo.

In this way, Arevalo said that he can help the governor more through constructive critical collaboration and transformational legislation.

“I pray for health, wisdom, success and divine guidance in everything you plan and do. That in all things, the cause and interest of our people will be pursued and prioritized,” he added.