Albay Gov. Bichara: Pinoys should draw strength from Rizal’s martyrdom


Albay Governor Al Francis Bichara said that Filipinos should draw strength from the heroism of Dr. Jose Rizal as we face a pandemic.

“The story of Dr. Jose Rizal’s life provides us with strength and inspiration that enables us to meet the trying challenges in our lives,” said the governor in a statement.

The country is commemorating the 124th death anniversary of the Philippines’ National Hero.

“Our nation is now passing through a challenging stage brought about by the pandemic among other challenges the world faced that greatly affected our economic growth,” said the Albay governor.

“Such trying times demand the cooperation of the people, their sacrifice and their patience in order to continuously push for national development across all sectors,” he added.

Bichara a said that just like the the same steadfast determination and dedication that moved Rizal, he is sure our people will soon be able to bring our country to bounce back faster towards prosperity and peace.

“We can do our best by further developing ourselves and Albay… Magtarabangan kita na pauswagon an satuyang Probinsya! Arriba Albay,” said Bichara.

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