Worth it! Albay Board Member Glenda Bongao is chill about turning older


Albay Board Membr Glenda Bongao celebrated her birthday recently, and she’s fine with turning another year older.

For Bongao, it is worth it because she has her family, friends, and people who make life seem like a massive celebration.

In a Facebook post, Bongao said her birthday had been a hit, including on Facebook where people greeted her and shared photos of her.

She realized that she loved to have her photo taken, she added.

To more pictures in the coming years!

“I really don’t mind turning older on my birthdays, as long as I have my family, friends like YOU who make life seem like a massive🎉celebration. My birthday has been a hit not just in my❤️heart but also on Facebook. Dakulang SALAMAT po sa GABOS na nagpaabot nin pagbati asin nagpost nin magagayon na litrato. Ngunyan ko napagtanto na mahiligon palan ak magpa picture.😂😁🤣

#birthday2020,” Bongao posted.