Legazpi Councilor Vince Baltazar greets the city’s parents a happy wedding anniversary


Legazpi Councilor Vince Baltazar admires Mayor Noel Rosal not just as a politiko, but as a family man as well.

In a Facebook post, Baltazar greeted Rosal and his wife Geraldine a happy wedding anniversary, which they marked on December 15.

Baltazar thanked the couple for their love and service for their family, and for extending their partnership as parents to the city of Legazpi.

He said their simplicity, compassion and dedication to public service is worth emulating and inspires a lot of people.

He prayed that the couple would continue to have strength, good health, genuine love, and continuous service for the people of Legazpi.

Long live Legazpi’s parents!

“Happy Wedding Anniversary to Legazpi City First Family, Idol Mayor Noel Ebriega Rosal and Madi Mayor Geraldine Rosal .

My utmost Admiration and adoration to this Lovely Couple as they Celebrated their Wedding Anniversary (12/15/20).

Your simplicity, compassion for others and dedication to public service is worth emulating and an inspiration for many…

Thank you for your love and Service for your Family and extending your partnership as Parents of our Beloved City of Legazpi! We pray for your Strength, good Health, Genuine love and Continuous service for the People of Legazpi! God bless and happy Wedding Anniversary!







#Inspiration,” Baltazar posted.