Calapan Mayor Arnan Panaligan sees the beginning of the end of COVID 19

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Calapan Mayor Arnan Panaligan was glad to hear that the first anti-COVID 19 vaccine has been administered to a 90 year old woman in Great Britain.

For him, it heralds good things ahead.

In a Facebook post, Panaligan said the use of the vaccine does not mean the pandemic is at an end, but he hopes it signals the beginning of the end.

He also hopes the Philippine government would hasten its acquisition of the COVID 19 vaccine from safe and reputable sources.

Maybe we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

“The first person in the world to receive the anti-Covid19 vaccine, a 90 year old woman in Britain. This is not yet the end of the pandemic but hopefully the beginning of the end. Our national government should fast track the acquisition of the vaccines from safe and reputable sources,” Panaligan posted.