Albay Gov. Al Francis Bichara makes sure being smart pays off


Albay Gov. Al Francis Bichara has found a way to encourage the students of the province to excel in school.

Bichara provided a P5,000 cash reward to the top 20 students of the San Jose Community College.

In a Facebook post, Bichara shared that the students recently claimed their cash reward.

His program offers the cash incentive to top students so that they would be motivated to do well in school and to take their studies seriously.

If they hone their skills, they will have a better chance of having a brighter future.

It won’t hurt if they have money in their pockets while studying!

“Students from San Jose Community College claiming their Php5,000 cash reward for being among the top 20 students in their courses.

The PGA Top 20 reward program offers cash incentives to deserving students that excel in their education. The program aims to motivate the youth, and promote excellence in their pursuit of education,” Bichara posted.