The holiday spirit is alive! Albay Gov. Al Francis Bichara plans safe family Christmas bazaar


After the calamities that hit the province, Albay Gov. Al Francis Bichara wants to lift the residents’ spirits in time for the holidays.

A post on Bichara’s Facebook page said the governor is planning an Albay Family Christmas Bazaar.

This is intended to help the Albayanons affected by the recent calamities by providing them with a safe and fun venue to share gifts and ease the trauma from recent events, including the typhoons, the pandemic, and the African swine fever problem.

The project is intended to give the people hope and to promote unity.

It aims to show that despite the challenges that the province faced, Albayanons will remain strong and their spirits unquenched.

They will prevail!

“The committee members having meeting and planning regarding the upcoming project of the Provincial Government of Albay, entitled ‘Albay Family Christmas Bazaar.’

This is an event intended to reach out the disaster stricken Albayanos by providing a safe and fun venue of gift sharing, to ease all the traumatic events that happened this year, such as the ASF, the pandemic and the recent typhoons.

This small and humble gesture and initiative of Governor Al Francis Bichara aims to promote hope and unity among Albayanos, and to show that despite all the disasters and health crisis, the Albayanos shall remain strong with unquenched spirits.

So on December 2020, before the year ends, let’s all wait for the Provincial Government’s upcoming event for our dear Albayanos!

26 November 2020

#GodblessAlbay #BayanihanSaAlbay #gabosmagtarabangan,” Bichara’s Facebook page posted.