Kambing ni Leni! Odiongan Vice Mayor Diven Dimaala thanks VP for funding program for PWDs


Differently-abled persons in Odiongan are getting a livelihood courtesy of Vice President Leni Robredo.

Odiongan Vice Mayor Diven Dimaala, in a Facebook post, thanked Robredo for funding the program.

Dimaala said the program involves raising goats, which he had distributed to the residents.

He encouraged his constituents to raise the goats well and to increase their number.

His only advice is to keep an eye on them because they might eat the neighbors’ plants.

We’re sure they don’t want to start a war with their plantita neighbor!

“Goat distribution to PWD’s .

Thank You VP Leni Robredo for the fund.

Paramihin nyo po yan..paalala lang po paki bantayan lang po ng mabuti baka kainin ang mga halaman ng kapitbahay?

#SerbisyongMayPuso,” Dimaala posted.

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