Big or small, all donations are welcome and appreciated, says Albay Vice Gov. Grex Lagman


Given the devastation that Albay experienced with the successive typhoons that hit it, no help is too small for the province.

Albay Vice Gov. Grex Lagman said on Facebook that he welcomes all kinds of assistance for Albay.

Lagman said many of the province’s residents have lost their homes and livelihood during the calamities.

Many of them are also staying in evacuation centers and struggling with the lack of electricity.

All these break his heart, so he is happy when help comes for the people of Albay.

All donations are treated equally, he said.

He knows that whether big or small, these forms of assistance come from the heart and are backed by the purest of intentions.

He hopes these generous souls won’t tire of helping others!

“In these most trying of times in Albay, i bear witness to people from all walks of life contributing to my relief operations geared at attaining a laudable end. Many of my constituents have lost their homes and their sources of livelihood. The farmlands they till have been inundated with water, most of their livestock like carabaos, cows, pigs and other ruminants drowned in flood waters. Many of them and their families continue to be housed in evacutaion centers. 90% of Albay has no electricity. It’s heartbreaking just to drive around Albay—-especially in my father’s district—-and check on the condition of my constituents and assess the damage wrought by these three (3) successive typhoons to their homes and public infrastructures.

The Office of the Vice Governor (OVG) treats all donations equally. Whether big or small. We know that all donations we receive come from the heart and from the purest intentions. It is our policy to accordingly acknowledge all our donors.

Sana huwag po kayo magsasawa tumulong sa kahit anong paraan para sa Albay. I am sharing the pictures of the assorted used clothing and food that i received on behalf of the OVG over the past few days. Many of the donors do not want to be acknowledged and have opted to remain anonymous. But for a few who who have given their permission for me to do so, it’s my honor to mention them, to wit:

1. Dhen Amaranto; 2. Jacky Arcangel; 3. Kagawad Cel Casaul; 4. Lolor family; 5. Ana Marie Vargas; 6. Mabilin Family; 7. Desiree Biñas; 8. Nehc Gelo Nebo; 7. Med A Lla; 8. Heide Arroyo and family and 9. Sarah Yanzon Brusola. 🙏❤️,” Lagman posted.