No 2021 budget problems in Odiongan, says Mayor Trina Fabic

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Odiongan is prepared for 2021, thanks to the timely approval of next year’s budget.

In a Facebook post, Odiongan Mayor Trina Fabic thanked the Sangguniang Bayan for the timely passage of the town’s budget for next year.

She also thanked the department and division heads and the members of the Municipal Development Council for providing input and for cooperating in putting in crafting the proposed budget.

Odiongan would have P208 million for the general fund and P14.6 million for local economic enterprises in 2021, she said.

These would fund programs and projects and the salaries of the workers who serve the people of Odiongan, she added.

No drama in Odiongan’s budget approval!

“Kudos to the Sangguniang Bayan headed by VM Diven Dimaala and particularly to the Committee on Appropriations chaired by SB Kit Firmalo for the timely passage of the 2021 Budget of LGU Odiongan. Thank you also to the Department and Division Heads, as well as the Municipal Development Council members (including Barangay Captains and Civil Society Organizations) for their input and cooperation in putting the proposed budget together.

The total approved budget for 2021 is 208 Million Pesos (P208,029,039.00) for the General Fund, and 14.6 Million Pesos (P14,600,000.00) for Local Economic Enterprises. This includes savings from previous years, as well as IRA and local income. These are appropriated for different programs and projects of the Municipality for 2021, as well as salaries of employees who carry out services for the people of Odiongan.


#serbisyongmaypuso #vibrantodiongan,” Fabic posted.