Odiongan Mayor Trina Fabic shares tip for social media diet


If you feel like social media has taken over your life, Odiongan Mayor Trina Fabic has a tip for you.

In a Facebook post, Fabic said the average Filipino spends four hours a day on social media.

If this is you and you want to change, you could erase the social media app’s icon and or shortcut from your phone or computer homepage, she said.

It has become automatic for many people to press the icon and scroll through their feeds.

But without the shortcut, they won’t automatically go to social media.

The mayor herself and her husband tried this, and it was effective for them.

She would only visit Facebook if she has something to post or would check out something specific.

She called on people to take back their time and resist the rule of constantly being on social media.

Fewer time spent on these apps means more time to talk to loved ones, focus on studies, or pursue hobbies, she said.

Spend more time on life rather than online!

“Good morning! Do you spend too much time on social media? The average Filipino spends 4 hours a day on social media, according to surveys.

Here is a tip: Erase your Facebook (or other social media) icon/shortcut on your phone or computer homepage. Minsan kasi, parang automatic lang sa atin na pag on ng cellphone, lalo na pag di masyadong busy, icli click kaagad ang Facebook icon tapos scroll lang ng scroll sa feed. Tapos ayun, naka kalahating oras ka na pala sa FB.

Ginawa ko ito, ginaya ko sa asawa ko. Effective! Ngayon, nag Fe- Facebook na lang ako pag may titignan talaga ako o may ipopost.

Take back your time! Be mindful and conscious of how many minutes/hours you spend on social media platforms everyday. Pwede pa rin naman, pero try to limit, so that you have more time to talk with your loved ones, read a book, focus on your work or studies, do a hobby, etc. 😊


Clarification po: Pde po gihapon mag facebook o social media, laloey kung online seller… Ag Ok naman kag messenger kasi tong iba ay work-related messages.. Kag ako eng me mean yang ay katong pay mindless/unconscious scrolling yang sa feed… 😅 Huwag na po ma guilty hehe… Try lang to be mindful and to have time for other things! But okay naman mag social media /FB 😊😊😊,” Fabic posted.

Good morning! Do you spend too much time on social media? The average Filipino spends 4 hours a day on social media,…

Posted by Mayor Trina Firmalo-Fabic on Sunday, October 18, 2020