Albay VG Lagman hails online forum on reproductive health


Vice Governor Edcel Grex Lagman spoke before the attendees of “Forum on Adolescent Reproductive Health for Stakeholders of Albay” initiated by the Philippine Legislators’ Committee on Population and Development (PLCPD).

Lagman said that the online forum is “essential now more than ever” amid the rise of unwanted pregnancies, domestic violence, increase in HIV cases among the youth, and because of the pandemic restrictions, services are disrupted.

“How do we address these issues? This policy forum is a good initiative where all stakeholders are gathered and can be heard. As policymakers, we are committed to listen and consult with you and address the gaps in the services through relevant and timely policies,” said the Vice Governor.

“As community leaders, we are called to be adaptive and innovative in our leadership approach. Not only reactive, but proactive. These times are unprecedented. The future may be uncertain for all of us. But we can surpass these challenges when we come together and realize that the youth as a sector deeply affected by the pandemic is the same sector that is considered as the hope of the nation,” he added.

Lagman noted that investing in the welfare of young people is investing in our future.

The Vice Governor also thanked the people who made the event possible.

“[M]y warm congratulations to Gov. Al Francis Bichara and the Albay Provincial Office-Population Development Division in helping significantly lower the cases of teenage pregnancies in the province! Shout out to POPCOM officers Ryan Sasutona Altavano, et al,” he said