Dolomite dilemma: Masbate BM Arevalo scores Manila Bay ‘white sand’ project


Masbate Senior Provincial Board Member Jason Arevalo has scored the “white sand” project in Manila Bay, calling it “misplaced priorities.”

“When you need to flatten a mountain in Cebu just so you can have something artificial for the eyes to feast on in Manila goads me to deep thinking,” said Arevalo.

“Don’t bother about the environmental impact of the continued mining of our mineral resources, but God knows this nation needs another kind of flattening. Is this cosmetic makeover far more necessary than making it over?,” he added.

The Environment department spearheaded a P398-million “beautification” project in Manila Bay, which partially opened yesterday and attracted hundreds of spectators.

The controversial project drew criticism as the country faces a pandemic, which sent the economy into a recession.

“Misplaced priorities in this time of pandemic, I heard from well-meaning minds. But didn’t I hear somebody saying we’re running short of money to combat this raging viral menace, too?,” said Arevalo.