Isabuhay! Albay Rep. Joey Salceda shares commandments for public transpo


Riding public transportation just ins’t the same amid the pandemic.

With the government introducing new rules and revising old ones, commuters have to remember to keep track of protocols.

To help them, Albay Rep. Joey Salceda has listed 7 commandments for public transportation.

They are: wear face masks, wear face shields, do not talk, have adequate ventilation, disinfect frequently and properly, do not allow symptomatic passengers, and follow appropriate physical distancing.

Be careful not to run afoul of the transport gods!

“7 Commandments, for all public transportation:

1. face masks

2. face shields

3. No talking

4. Adequate ventilation
5. Frequent and proper disinfection
6. No symptomatic passengers
7. Appropriate physical distancing,” Salceda posted.