Guinobatan Mayor Ann Gemma Ongjoco pursues her purpose on her birthday


Guinobatan Mayor Ann Gemma Ongjoco woke up feeling good on her birthday.

In a Facebook post, Ongjoco said she started her day with a grateful heart.

And while she would like to chill, she has a purpose that she has to fulfill, and that is serving the people.

She accepts this wholeheartedly and said God is in control.

She will do her best and share her blessings, she said.

And despite the pandemic, she is grateful for God’s gift of life.

She’s had one happy birthday, indeed!

“Good morning po🌼

My morning greetings today start with a grateful heart🙏🌼

If you can see my picture..I’m just sharing my thoughts how I want my day to go, and that’s to “chill”..just like anyone’s wish for her natal day..☺️

However, God didn’t make my life to be that way…
I believe one of my purpose is to be here with serve..and I claim that, with my whole heart..God is in control..I’m just His servant..doing my assignment..and Joyfully sharing my blessings.
I guess we live to serve our purpose..but we must look for it…by Gods amazing grace, you will find your heart❤️

Amidst the chaos brought by this Pandemic, I still want to enjoy and be glad with Gods gift of life to me…with you🌹

Have a wonderful day! Thank you God🌺

❤️There is no better way to start our day than to lay our cares at the feet of God.

#besafe,” Ongjoco posted.