Where are the hobbits? Albay Vice Gov. Grex Lagman visits middle earth


Albay Vice Gov. Grex Lagman didn’t need to fly to New Zealand to live out a Lord of the Things fantasy.

Lagman just went to Ligao City and was transport to hobbit land.

In a Facebook post, Lagman showcased Hobbit Hill, a privately owned place open to visitors.

Going there is an adventure, as one has to walk or hike for 15 to 25 minutes, he said.

Entrance fee is P50.

Upon entering the place, visitors would see manicured lawns, flower beds, and pathways.

And then there are hobbit houses and a bird’s nest for Lord of the Rings-themed photo ops.

There’s also a giant wok and extra small cottages to be rented tor day use, if one really wants to feel like a hobbit.

Looks like a precious place!

“Albay Road Trippin’ ni VG Grex. ❤️

Flex ko lang itong Hobbit Hill sa Barangay Amtic, Ligao City. ??

This quaint garden park in one of the foothills between active Mt. Mayon and extinct Mt. Masaraga is dotted with hobbit houses and suspended birds nests surely inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s novels. Think: The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. ?

To reach this magical place, one has to walk and semi-hike a distance of more or less 300 meters from the parking area. It can be a 15 minute brisk walk-hike or a leisurely one for about 25 minutes. In our case, we opted to get two trail guides, Angeline and Eliza, both residents of Barangay Amtic. They were the ones who expertly guided us and took our pictures. For small groups, trail guides are recommended.

There’s a minimun entrance fee of 50 pesos. Hobbit Hill is privately owned by a certain Cesar Bañares of Bacacay. The park has a carefully manicured lawn with flower beds lining the pathwalks. There are three “hobbit houses” and a “bird’s nest” which one can access via a ladder. There’s also a giant “kawa” or wok for those who want to feel how it is to be “cooked alive”. For those who have more time to spare, four “kubols” can be rented out for a day but not overnight. They’re extra small because Mr. Bañares apparently wants to make hobbits out of his visitors. ?

Kun yaon po kamo mis amigos y mis amigas along or kun nagkataon tabi na yaon kamo sa Sabluyon (the road connecting the cities of Tabaco and Ligao), please find time to visit Hobbit Hill. ❤️

#AlbayMunaAlbayNaman❤️,” Lagman posted.

Albay Road Trippin’ ni VG Grex. ❤️

Flex ko lang itong Hobbit Hill sa Barangay Amtic, Ligao City. ??

This quaint garden…

Posted by Edcel Grex Burce Lagman on Sunday, September 13, 2020

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