Sana all! Ako Bicol Rep. Garnbin urges PLDT to provide fast internet connection to all of its customers, not just Liza Soberano

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Ako Bicol partylist Rep. Alfredo Garbin urged internet firm PLDT to extend the same service it provided to actress Liza Soeberano.

“Sana all. Dapat all,” said Garbin after Soberano tweeted that PLDT came to her house to install fast internet inher home following her complaint to another internet service provider Converge.

According to Soberano, she experience 300MBPS internet connection from PLDT.

“Insulting, not amusing, and possibly illegal are the words I choose to describe the publicity stunt of PLDT involving Liza Soberano and her now infamous 300 Mbps internet connection” said Garbin.

Garbin clarified that he has no hard feelings if the actress was able to get fast internet, but noted that the PLDT has to extend the same service to all its customers.

The ako Bicol solon said that the PLDT should treat all of its custumers as “celebrity status,” not just with Soberano.