Only one call away! Questions and suggestions are welcome, Odiongan Mayor Trina Fabic tells constituents


The pandemic may have affected people’s movements, but this doesn’t mean they can’t bring their questions and suggestions to the local government.

In a Facebook post, Odiongan Mayor Trina Fabic encouraged her constituents to get in touch with the Odiongan Public Information Office or the Odiongan Helpdesk.

There are also cellphone numbers they could text, she said.

They could get in touch through these channels if they have questions, suggestions, or any concern they want to bring to the Odiongan government, she added.

The local officials are only one call or text away!

“Kapag may katanungan, suhestiyon o gustong ipaabot sa LGU Odiongan ay pwedeng mag message sa Odiongan Public Information Office o dito sa Odiongan Helpdesk. Pwede rin mag text sa 0930-634-4433 o sa 0999-889-1499.

#serbisyongmaypuso #vibrantodiongan,” Fabic posted.