Ako Bicol partylist lauds frontliners this National Heroes Day


For the National Heroes Day, the Ako-Bicol partylist has honored the bravery of the country’s frontliners who are risking their lives to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

“We, at Ako Bicol Party List, dedicate this National Heroes Day to our Health Workers, Frontliners, Non-Medical Fronline Workers and other Modern-day Heroes who risk their lives everyday to serve in the fight against the COVID-19,” said the partylist.

“Thank you, our modern-day heroes! We salute and honor your bravery, selflessness, and dedication,” it added.

The partylist also said that the best way to show gratitude to thefrontliners is to just stay at home if possible.

“We are encouraging everyone that if you need to step out of the house, make sure to wear your mask, observe physical distancing and practice regular handwashing,” said the partylist.