DPWH says partial damage cost to infra of Masbate quake at P23.96M


The Department of Public Works and Highways pegged the amount of damage caused by the 6.5 magnitude earthquake in Bicol Region at P23.96 million.

“The 6.5-magnitude earthquake that hit on August 18, 2020 cost up to P23.96 million to fix the damage on national roads, bridges and other infrastructure in the Bicol Region,” said the DPWH.

DPWH Secretary Mark A. Villar ordered DPWH post-earthquake assessment teams to be deployed immediately on the ground to check the extent of damage of the strong earthquake that occur close to Masbate Island.

Based on the August 19, 2020 monitoring report of the DPWH Bureau of Maintenance (DPWH-BOM), although all national roads and bridges are passable in Masbate Island, assessment revealed that the following sections along Masbate-Cataingan-Placer Road were damaged: expansion joint of Gahit Bridge at K0070+420 in Cataingan; slope protection of the abutments of Nipa Bridge at K0022+080 and expansion joint of Nabangig Bridge at K0077+150 both in Palanas; girder of Pinangapugan Bridge at K0035+040, pile cap (jacketing) and slope protection of Impapanan Bridge at K0022+322, and girder of Marcella Bridge at K0022+080 all located in the town of Uson. Damaged to road pavement were also observed at K0034+920 – K0036+000, Uson; K0070+680, Palanas; K0077+150, Cataingan; and K0085+150 – K0085+250, Placer.

The K0075+836 section of Cataingan-Poblacion Road in Barangay Poblacion, Cataingan, Masbate also sustained damage box culvert.

In Camarines Sur, DPWH assessment team noted minor damage at bank protection of Panganiban Bridge at K0482+425 in Barangay Nierva, Nabua town.

DPWH has installed road warning signs and safety devices along affected sections to guide motoring public.

DPWH-BOM also reported damage to the following public buildings and ports: walls, partitions, tiles and glass door of DPWH Masbate 3rd District Engineering Office Building in Balocawe, Dimasalang; damage on columns, walls, and partitions of Palanas Police Station Building in Poblacion, Palanas; damage on roofing and firewall of Inocencio Central School Building in Villa-Inonencio, Placer; Cataingan Public Market and Cataingan Port in Poblacion, Cataingan; and Dimasalang Port in Poblacion, Dimasalang town.

Partial cost of damages on roads is at P5.64 million, bridges at P8.96 million, and public building at P9.35 million.