Lagman: Public entitled to know Duterte’s whereabouts


Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman on Tuesday called out President Rodrigo Duterte for “demeaning” the public’s valid concerns about his whereabouts, after rumors circulated on Monday that he was flown to Singapore due to health problems.

“Where the President travels, whether inside or outside the country, for economic, health or leisure is the nation’s concern, irrespective of the utilization of public funds,” the opposition lawmaker said.

“The President must appreciate rather than demean this concern,” Lagman said.

“Duterte is the Chief Executive, not an ordinary citizen, whose whereabouts must be fully transparent except for exigencies of security,” he said.

“The public is entitled to know or must be informed of the Head of State’s activities which impact on the peoples’ interest and welfare,” Lagman said.