CamSur Rep. Bordado: 2020 budget should be reprogrammed to focus on health response


Camarines Sur Gabriel Bordado said that there’s a need to reprogram the 2020 national budget and focus on the health emergency response amid the coronavirus disease pandemic.

“[W] e need a reprogramming of our 2020 budget to redirect the focus on health emergency response. The shift in spending priority must not only be contained in another law but must be reflected in the national budget,” Bordado said in a privilege speech.

“Moreover, the identification of new sources of revenue necessitates the crafting of a supplemental budget to specify the items where these funds will be spent,” he added.

Borado also voted to approve the Bayanihan to Recover as One which provides P162 billion COVID-19 response fund.

“Our planned activities contained in the General Appropriations Act can no longer be pursued as usual. The focus has been shifted to address the issues brought forth by this pandemic,” he said.

The Camsur solon noted that he first questioned the granting of additional powers to the president, “underscoring the need for our leader to focus on the problem at hand and not to be distracted by matters already handled by various departments and instrumentalities under his authority.”

“I never objected–and will never object–against the Social Amelioration Program (SAP). It is my conviction that our people, particularly the marginalized ones, must be extended financial and material assistance in order to survive the hazards, complexities, and rigors of the Covid-19 pandemic,” he noted.

Bordado likewise welcomed the creation of Accelerating Recovery to Intensify Solidarity and Equity, Inc. (ARISE, Inc.) aimed at assisting businesses and industries affected by the pandemic.

“Notwithstanding such misgivings, I believe that the interventions laid down in the proposed measure are badly needed by our countrymen AT THIS VERY CRITICAL STAGE. I am, therefore, voting YES to the passage of the Bayanihan 2 bill,” he said.