Wag kampante! VP Robredo says increased testing not the only reason for rising COVID 19 cases


Let’s look at the numbers more critically.

Vice President Leni Robredo said it was good that the Philippines’ testing capacity has increased, but this is not the only figure to be considered in studying why COVID 19 cases are increasing.

In a Facebook post, Robredo said he agreed with the comments of data analyst Edson Guido and said the increased testing was not just the reason for the rising number of COVID 19 cases in the country.

She noted that the Philippines’ positivity rate, or the number of people testing positive for the disease is higher than the global standard of 5 percent.

The running standard is more than 12 percent, she said.

This means the disease continues to be transmitted in communities, she said, agreeing with Guido.

People should not be contented with just an increased testing capacity and should also work on bringing the positivity rate down, she said.

Don’t be fooled by the numbers that the government chooses to highlight!

“I’ve been following the tweets of Edson Guido, a data analyst and PhD in Economics candidate in UP.

I need to echo in on his latest tweets.

I agree with him that it is good news that we have already increased our testing capacity. In fact, we have the most number of tests conducted already in absolute numbers. (As a percentage of population, we’re testing about 1.62% of the population; Singapore, 26.27%, Brunei, 6.96%, Malaysia, 3.25%, South Korea, 3%; Taiwan tested only .35%)

We have the most number of active cases now. What I am bothered about is that we are attributing our numbers to just our increased testing capacity. This is not exactly accurate. Look at our positivity rate. Global standard is less than 5%. We were at more than 11% in July and August running average is at more than 12%.

Let us not content ourselves with just reaching our targetted testing capacity. We should work at lowering our positivity rate to less than 5%. What these numbers mean, as Edson Guido correctly pointed out, is that our big numbers, is not just a function of increased testing but the fact that community transmission is really bad now.

In fact, he said, “Pero kita rin sa datos na mas mabilis ang pagtaas ng mga nagpopositibo kaysa sa na tetest”.

This is what we should all work on now. Pagtulungan natin lahat ito.

P.S. Apparently, Economist JC Punongbayan also posted about this. Here’s the link to his post:,” Robredo posted.