OG plantito! Naga Mayor Nelson Legacion’s rest day consists of harvesting fruits from his farm


For Naga Mayor Nelson Legacion, resting consists not of lazing around, but going to his farm to harvest fruits.

In a Facebook post, Legacion said many people have advised to rest given his routine of working from 8 am to 12 midnight or even later. The schedule sometimes extends to the weekends.

He is thankful for the people expressing concern for him, and said he makes sure to take a break if possible.

And for him, taking a break means not just resting his tired body, but also his mind.

Doing this means visiting his farm and harvesting the fruit from the trees he planted15 years ago, he said.

Even before gardening became a quarantine trend, the mayor was already planting trees.

He was a plantito long before it became trendy!


Many are advising me to take the necessary rest given my daily routine which starts at 8am and ends at 12mn or even beyond the wee hours including Saturdays, Sundays and even holidays.

Thank you po for all your concern. Be assured that I am also taking rest whenever and wherever possible.

But rest for me, not only of the tired body but also of the tired mind, takes many form. In my case, one of which is visiting our farm and harvesting the fruits of my labor thereat from various fruit bearing trees I planted some 15 years ago.

Have a restful day and happy Sunday po sa gabos!” Legacion posted.