Giving back! San Jose Mayor Marco Chavez donates salary and allowance to help public schools prepare for new normal


San Jose Mayor Marco Chavez was once a student in the public school system, and he is now giving back to it as it copes with the pandemic.

In a Facebook post, Chavez said he would give part of his salary and allowance to the different heads of the secondary schools in town to help their Brigada Eskwela program.

This would be for the good of the students and the community, he added.

He said he knows it is a struggle for the schools to provide the materials to be used as teaching aids.

To show his support and appreciation for the public schools, he is using funds from his own pocket to help them out.

The former student is here to help!

“I was once a student of a public school in our community and the struggle to provide necessary materials as teaching aids to increase learning competency is a great challenge.

As a token of support and appreciation, I am giving part of my salary and RATA to the different heads of our secondary schools that will help their Brigada Eskwela program for the good of their students and the community,” Chavez posted