Naga Mayor Nelson Legacion imposes the shortest lockdown in city street

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This was one lockdown that was swift and easy.

Naga Mayor Nelson Legacion did not hesitate to impose a lockdown on Rosal Street in Naga City subdivision upon learning of the presence of a COVID 19 patient there.

Upon imposing the lockdown as a precautionary measure, he went to the area to conduct an inquiry.

He talked to the people there and to the patient by phone.

When he learned that the patient himself had been very cautious and deliberately avoided people in the area and did not have any contact with them, he immediately lifted the lockdown.

It was the shortest lockdown in the city, he said.

If all people were as disciplined as the patient, would we even need lockdowns?


As a precautionary measure, lockdown in Rosal St., Naga City Subdivision in Triangulo was implemented at around 10pm.

From CEPPIO, we proceeded to the place to further conduct preliminary inquiry. There we were able to talk to Bikol #479 by cellphone, and personally to Ate Taba and Engr. Odi Nate, among others.

We learned that the patient himself had taken extra precautions in dealing with people in the area by deliberately avoiding them. He had no contact with them, prompting me to order the immediate lifting of lockdown imposed thereat making said lockdown the shortest so far.

Good night, my dear Nagueños! ?,” Legacion posted.