Aren’t they oligarchs as well, Masbate Board Member Jason Arevalo asks congress


Masbate Board Member Jason Arevalo couldn’t help but wonder why some members of Congress claim to be the scourge of oligarchs.

Given the names and backgrounds of the people in the House of Representatives, it seems they won’t have to look far to find actual oligarchs, Arevalo said in a Facebook post.

Having a few moneyed people or a family control a powerful business or the government is oligarchy, in case they don’t know, he said.

As they say, burglars and thieves hate their kind, he noted.

Maybe some legislators need to look in a mirror?

“Congress presents itself as the scourge of the oligarchs. But do we understand what the term meant? Aren’t dynastic members of the Lower House themselves oligarchs?

Decimate oligarchs, really? Control by a few or a family who are moneyed, landed and/or powerful of a line of business or the government is oligarchy in case these parrots and pawns do not know.

Burglars and thieves, they say, hate their kind. Though I doubt if the latter really is…,” Arevalo posted.