COVID 19 has left Naga, says Mayor Nelson Legacion


It looks like Naga has managed to keep COVID 19 out of the city, according to Mayor Nelson Legacion.

In a Facebook post, Legacion said Naga has not reported any COVID 19 case starting May 16.

But it has not let its guard down, with its frontline and emergency workers maintaining their vigilance.

He called on the people to do the same and to keep on following health protocols.

Let’s hope they can continue to keep COVID 19 out even in the next days to come!


We are without COVID19 for 38 days already reckoned from May 16, 2020.

But our frontliners under the city’s Health Emergency Response Task Force continue to do their job of guarding us from COVID19.

This notwithstanding, I ask you my dear Nagueños to remain vigilant and observe the required health protocol.

Sleep well everyone!” Legacion posted.