Stay dry and pray, says Masbate Board Member Jason Arevalo


Masbate Board Member Jason Arevalo reminded his constituents that the feast of St. John the Baptist would be a regular working day.

In a Facebook post, Arevalo said the annual celebration was supended because of the pandemic.

The government does not want people to relax and prefers them to remain vigilant against the new coronavirus.

In the meantime, it is best that the people spend the day praying.

Hopefully, in due time, we can all resume our usual merry making!

“Please be informed that tomorrow is a regular working day.

The annual Bagat Dagat celebration is suspended in view of the Governor’s intent to avoid mass gathering and to instill vigilance among our people that the relaxed atmosphere prevailing in the province barring, the viral menace still exists.

Pray to God next year the situation will prove better and safer to celebrating St. John the Baptist’s feast and the annual Bagat-Dagat festival.

Keep safe and well, everyone. Our much-prayed Passover will come in His Own right time.

Happy Feast Day, St. John the Baptist! Beloved Precursor of Christ our Lord, please pray for us and the whole world.


Herein attached Resolution was sponsored by Hon. Krisopher Paul A. Espinosa of the 2nd District, this province,” Arevalo posted.